Karl Svensson

In 1912, Karl Svensson started his career as a sawmill-owner. He had ambulant sawmills, which were moved between the different harvesting areas.

1918 he built a stationary sawmill in Hällerum, abt 15 km from Vimmerby. This was the foundation of Hällerum Trä, which since then has developed into a sawmill with modern technology.

In the 1930s; two stationary saws and two mobile saws were installed. Goods were planed during the summers.

In the 1940s; Transports of logs by lorries and tractors, started.

In the 1950s; electric power introduced, also improvements on the efficiency in cutting the logs.

Carl-Bertil Svensson, Olof Svensson, Åke Svensson och Göte SvenssonIn the 1960s; the first debarking-machine and a wood-chipper was installed. Karl Svensson was succeeded by his four sons. 1968 Hällerum Trä AB was founded.

In the 1970s; the machinery was modernised with new circular-saws, a recut-saw and an edger. At this stage, the labour force consisted of about 20 persons, working the whole year around. The annual production increased to 8.000 - 10.000 m3 sawn goods.

In the 1980s; A grading/adjustment-plant was built, as well as a boiler house and a kiln. A modern band-saw with a reducer was installed.

In the 1990s; continued development with new kilns, a new log conveyor and a new boiler.

1994 the company was handed over to the third and fourth generation (after Karl Svensson).

1998 New boiler is installed.

2000 New big sheed out of wood is build.

2001-2002 The planingline is rebuilded and a new planer is installed.

2003 New machinery for making pellets is installed.

2006 New machinery for grading planed timber into C16 and better is installed.

2007 In august Frödinge Sågverk buys the shares in the company.

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