Frödinge loga 

 Frödinge Sågverk

 This family run company was founded in 1943 by the father and grandfather of the present managing director, Mr. Christer Karlsson. The company is situated in Frödinge, in the north-eastern part of Småland, an area close to good supplies of quality pine and spruce raw materials from the renowned Vimmerby district.

Sven-Erik and Christer KarlssonWe cater for everything from harvesting to the mill with our own harvesting, forwarding and transport machinery. Our catchment area has a radius of roughly 50 km. The species mix is about 60% spruce and 40% pine of an annual production of 45.000 m3 sw. We mill both large and sall diametre logs in our two reducer bandsaw lines. The main part of production is set for producing panels and construction timber as well as furniture grade pinewood. Since the availability of top quality raw materials is high there is capacity to produce unedged high grade pine for the joinery industries.

To dry our timber we use two through kilns and two chamber kilns. This gives us the flexibility to dry to costumer specification right down to 8% mc. We plane as much as possible our timber. Planing takes place in our dry rip and planer line where we process construction and panel timber some 16.000 m3 p.a. We also prepare timber for pressure impregnation. 95% of our present production is exported with major clients being in Europe. A lot of the planed timber goes to German and British markets and furniture timber to Denmark. However, we do export to countries outside of Europe, such as Australia and some of the Arab states.


The Karlsson family
Mr. Christer Karlsson
No. employees
33 st
65 million SEK
45.000 m3 sw/p.a.
Saw equipment
Reducer bandmill
Drying equipment
Through and chamber kilns
Further processing
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