Environmental policy

Frödinge Hällerum¨Timber AB as consumer of forest resources are committed to the responsible management of those forests. Our environment is our welfare and as such must be harvested with care and attention.

We shall continue to fulfil legislation in force and comply with the requirements of PEFC´s and FSC® ’s demands and intentions, and as far as possible insure that the raw material not comes from illegal sources or from non-authorized disforestation. We make the same undertaking with regard to key habitats or forest areas where traditions or where civil rights are violated, forests where high conservation values are threatened, genetically modified trees or natural/primal forest harvested by the purpose to use the area for plantations or non-forest land use. Our activities and business shall be conducted in a manner to insure there is no negative impact on the environment.

The raw material shall to the largest possible proportion come from an environmentally appropriate certified forestry. We shall work to ensure that this volume increases.

We shall in a responsible way perform our commitments to our employees, the environment and to our contractors.

The personnel shall be educated and informed so that above requirements and intentions can be fulfilled.

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